Surrounding yourself with positive influences and behaviors is critical to entrepreneurial success. The people around you in your personal and professional life need to bring value to help you be all you can be.

Positive Influences that are Beyond Surface

Some people appear as positive influences, but are really a negative influence and continually challenge you with pointless activities to prove their value. The proof is in the result of their actions, not in their words. As you trust them more, it becomes harder to achieve great results.

The best thing you can do when you find one of these types is to shed them and move towards people who will help you achieve their goal and at the same time can benefit from your efforts.

I'm not saying you shouldn't give people a chance, as I've given hundreds of people an opportunity in my life, and wound up with incredible results from them and for them. They have something to prove and will do anything to achieve their goals. I love working with people who are humble.

On the other hand, if they think they are better than everyone else, you should realize that they are not going to help you achieve your dreams. They will instead tell you how great they are, but in the end, you go no place fast and end up doing damage control. Again, I want to be around people who are humble, and appreciate what they have in their life.

I'm embarrassed to say that there are times in my life that I have been full of pride and thought that I was invincible. I had lots of pride, but it wasn't because I was trying to be arrogant. Instead, I was building up my self-worth. That is typical of people who appear to have too much pride and tell people how great they are.

Positive Influences Shed Pride Leading to Self-Confidence

The best thing I have done to shed that pride, and thinking I am great is to strengthen my connection with God and put my trust in him. Self-confidence has improved and is at a healthy level, and I don't need to walk around telling people how great I am at certain activities, albeit sometimes I have prideful issues, but am quick to recognize when I should humble myself. Usually, I get a swat for my behavior during those times! LOL.

I've worked to help others who are too prideful by being an example for them, but in the end, I can't change them, they have to improve themselves, and it is out of my power to do so. We have to let go, and let God handle their development.

The best thing I can do is to keep working at being a better person than who I am today, and working hard, being more humble, and taking care of the business that God gives me. No need to be arrogant, and to change who I surround myself with, finding those who are also working on building a better life for themselves and others around them.

Positive Influences bring Peace and Happiness

I write this with nothing but love for all who are wanting to make changes in your life. You can surround yourself with positive influences that will help you become the kind of person you want and have peace and happiness in your life.

You don't have to struggle with low self-esteem, and you can show people what you are capable of without having to tell them how great you are. If you want to know how I am doing it, I will share with you. Drop me a note and ask me on my contact form, and I will give you the resources that I have used to have a happier and healthier life.

Have a fantastic day!