There is a new TV show called Planet of the APPS on Apple Music. The show is available on iTunes and features Gary Vaynerchuk, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, and They hear pitches from APP developers who are looking to launch the next big thing and then help them seek investment from Lightspeed Venture Capital.

The APP ideas or business ideas are fascinating. The APPS picked to pitch for funding are featured in Apple iTunes. These entrepreneur APP developers have six weeks with their celebrity partner to prepare for the Lightspeed Venture Capital pitch.

Each episode of Planet of the APPS last about 45 minutes in length, with eight episodes in the first season.

Planet of the APPS is part of Apple Music Premium Subscritpion

The show is part of a subscription package for Apple Music programming which is billed monthly but offers the first three months free. I signed up for the subscription this week, and so I have only watched the Planet of the APPS show.

I like the show for multiple reasons. The APP developers go through various pitches; it shows them working with the celebrities and then demonstrates the APP in front of Lightspeed Venture Capital. The APP developers only have a few seconds on a moving belt to convince the celebrities to hear their initial pitch.

Regardless of the outcome, all the products are excellent. They are technical, and they command respect from everyone involved, even when Lightspeed Venture Capital denies funding the APP.

The biggest problem facing the show is getting the word out about the show. The audience is limited to subscribers to Apple TV’s premium product. The production would have a massive audience if made available on network or cable TV.

Ultimately, the show has a unique spin from Shark Tank and The Profit making this another twist to the entrepreneurial shows currently available. I love the show.