Why should we pursue overcoming our sins? Many of us don't have a problem with sinning daily, knowing that we are saved and will go to heaven because God forgives our sins.

What we don't realize is overcoming our sins offers us the chance to experience a bit of heaven on earth. We live better and function better when we overcome our sins.

Justification of our sins offers a temporary euphoria in many cases, but ends in guilt, pain and drives us away from Christ. It leaves us asking God why? Why is this bad stuff happening to us when I am loyal to you?

Overcoming Our Sins Keeps Us From Committing More Sins

Overcoming our sins keeps us from committing even more “sins” that we do not intend, but are consequences of our original sin.

Sinning tears us apart from our brothers and sisters in Christ, and more importantly, from our families and those we love the most.

We are human, and we know that sinning is inevitable, why should we even try overcoming our sins? There's something that happens when we choose to change. Through time, we are the recipients of grace, peace, and joy. 

Potentially Repairing Destroyed Relationships

The relationships once destroyed may not be repairable if we work at it through a human perspective, but anything is possible when we seek God's help and will.

At the same time, we must realize that we are subject to the will of others who may or may not choose to be Christ-like despite your best efforts.

Even if overcoming our sins doesn't change old relationships, it will change them today and for the future. Soon, others will see the difference in your ways and will want to know more about your journey.

Your life will change in ways you would never have believed possible when you overcome your sins. Change your life and discover a whole new world when you focus on doing what God wants for you!