Yesterday was one of the most productive days I have had in quite some time. Years in fact. I was so busy that I completely missed writing a blog post, which should be on my daily to-do task list!

Having one of the most productive days is the result of having my head clear of a lot of stress caused by too many unknowns in my life.

Finding relieve in one of the most productive days

Fortunately, I found a way to get some relief, strengthen the focus and accomplish some pretty essential tasks in a short period. Total efficiency took over and here comes success.

Yesterday's being one of my most productive days turned into a highly profitable day. I moved closer to achieving some of my most important goals of having a more suitable environment for my children and me. That can only lead to even more quality time and productivity.

Fortunately, the Task List I spoke of is a crucial factor to my increased productivity. Navigating the day grew in efficiency, and I avoided the usual negative self-talk that often paralyzes action.

I did not forget about what is most important in my life, despite having one of the most productive days in some time. I wish that I would have been able to integrate more into my day, but it was not my choice to exclude anything.

Focus on what you can control for one of the most productive days

Still, the exclusion did not hold me back from accomplishing everything else that I am in control of doing. Even though negative thoughts hold me back, they did not stop me today. I need to work on overcoming those areas I cannot control.

If you want to have one of your most productive days, start with getting a task list going, and work on focusing on what you can control in your life. Having those two tools under control will give you enormous power to doing what is most important in your life.

And, accept the things you can't control. Let them go, and they will work themselves out later. Give it time, and you will find the answers that make sense for you.