I am on a mission focusing on being stable and reliable in all aspects of life. This mission began a couple of years ago, starting with reading the Bible cover-to-cover, and is now strengthening with each day.

Being On a Mission Give Us Purpose

Being on a mission is essential as it gives us purpose when others are merely surviving. Sometimes we forget our mission and focus on just surviving when life is tough.

Some of the changes I've made stuck, such as saying two prayers every morning for over a year now. One of them is the entire Serenity Prayer.

Another routine that is consistent is my thirst for fellowship and continuing development at Church. I've missed a few weeks over the past two years, and engage in two life groups. They are a source of strength for me.

I am now on a mission to change my health, to change my body. I've started with push-ups every morning, and I now feel the burn in my arms, shoulder, and gut. Watch as my physique changes. I'll add to to the routine when I've proven consistency and stability in my workout.

Not all of my recent missions are successful, I have failed in one area. I failed someone that is so important to me. My commitment to love no matter what slipped when I did not receive the same in return. Unconditional love expects nothing in return, and suffered when that did not happen.

On a Mission for Success

I am now on a mission to succeed at loving no matter what. Not my child, but a friend who is so important to me. No expectations, but I'm that person that is the one that is different from all others. It is what the Holy Spirit is calling me to do for them.

We all fail from time to time, but that doesn't mean that we cannot get back up, and get back to what is most important to us and to those we care about most. We need to do our part to make the world a better place.

I'm on another mission that is now three days old. That mission includes studying a daily devotional, and it is what is driving the new content published in my blog. The subject of these posts wraps around each devotional.

Our purpose is defined when we are on a mission, and part of my goal is to expand what I've begun to the point you see strength and stability when you think of me. I have a lot of work to do, and I hope that you'll find inspiration in my journey to help you on your journey.