Lifestyle bloggers write about new experiences and often request a comp in exchange for promoting the location or item. Unfortunately, getting comped is tough today because of Instagram models who think taking a picture on a beach is enough of a trade. Marketing departments are wising up and denying the unknowns.

Will that make lifestyle bloggers struggle? Yes, especially those who think they can do minimal work like taking a photo standing on a beach without any additional content.

The key to joining lifestyle bloggers is building quality content that tells a story. Your client is not only your reader but the vendors you are representing.

Having a pretty face is not sufficient for becoming a lifestyle blogger. You have to have depth in the material you publish and in your personality.

Lifestyle bloggers need to invest in building a brand because you won't have everything handed to you. Investing in your brand to create an image is expensive.

Scaling is easier for lifestyle bloggers than say a reality show star. They have to portray an image on the camera and often overspend as in “The Housewives.”

Lifestyle Bloggers Work to Portray an Image

Lifestyle bloggers also work to portray an image on their blogs and in social media. Start slow, look for free or low-cost events to cover and subjects that are in line with your income and you'll be more likely to succeed.

Some of the most successful lifestyle bloggers start out with nothing, telling their story showcasing their rise to the top. They find ways to tell a story without spending a ton of money to appear in a way that does not represent reality.

The good news is if you work hard, and you develop a following, vendors will find you and begin to offer you the comps to get you to their properties and use their products. Keep in mind, when you start to receive these offers you need to disclose the compensation.

Starting a lifestyle blog is as simple as registering a domain name and setting up a WordPress site. You'll quit dreaming and start doing what you love. Have a passion for the blog and keep writing your way to success.