Be honest, is your life manageable or out of your control? Maybe not everything is beyond your control, but if you tell the truth, you begin to realize that we lack power.

The idea that you are in complete control is a fallacy that many people believe — especially people who are in totally unmanageable situations denying their chaotic ways.

Is Your Life Manageable – The Truth

Our truth is that we will always have specific areas of life that are unmanageable or are in our control. That is human nature, and we are subject to the will of others. Trying to control uncontrollable areas often lead to disastrous consequences that we cannot recover from before it is too late.

Instead, we need to focus on what we can to make your life manageable, and in control. We need to let go of that which is beyond our ability to handle. That means we need to give it to God and have faith that He will take care of whatever it is that concerns us.

Understanding what we can manage and control will help us focus our energy in healthy areas, and let go of what is beyond us. We need to do what allows us to be an example for others, and to accept that we cannot control what other people choose to do with their life, even when it impacts ours.

Focusing on what we can manage and control will often lead to us getting what we are after when we try to control unmanageable situations. The reason is others are more likely to respond favorably to us when we do what is right. We are no longer responsible for their actions if they don't!

There are many areas where you will find that are out of control in your life. Once you begin to tackle those areas, you will see even more areas that you need to work to address. Ultimately, you will realize that this is an ongoing process. This process will last a lifetime as you continually remove strongholds, which turn negligible that are merely distractions.

Make Your Life Manageable With What You Can Control

No longer will you feel the need to be controlled by influences that are beyond your control, allowing you to take control and focus on what is right in your life. You will in a sense free yourself with God working through you to take care of those things that previously held you back.

Great peace and joy is knowing what you can and cannot control. Find that peace in your life!