The process of getting past denial is huge for anyone who needs to go through recovery. Might I suggest that there are a lot of us who need to go through the recovery process? I know that the process is a powerful experience.

There's an unlimited number of reasons that you may be in denial. Some of the most known include alcohol and drug abuse, but it may be issues with adulty, addiction to food, shopping or any other vice.

Celebrate Recovery is an excellent faith-based Christian program that helps people overcome denial. The group is divided up between the men and women so that we can be more forthcoming and have a common bond.

Other programs are well known such as AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) and AL-ANON(for friends and family of Alcoholics). They are separate but often take place at the same locations and have meetings scheduled every day of the week.

Who's In Control? Getting Past Denial

It's important to understand what you can and cannot control. You'll learn how to recognize the difference between the two, and you'll be able to share your feelings in a safe group with people who are experiencing similar circumstances. The best part is that you will not be judged, but supported by the group.

Don't think you need to have a specific reason to attend the Celebrate Recovery group. If you are struggling with any issue, you are welcome to become a part of this group. I joined, and I've grown so much over the last two years.

Getting past denial allowed me to feel better about myself and lose the guilt that I have carried all my life. I let it go, and I am free to focus on today, not yesterday. I've witnessed numerous others who have the same experience, continuing to grow in their daily walk.

I know that what I am writing in this post will not likely get you to participate in one or more of the programs, but hopefully this post will plant a seed causing you to consider following this path if suggested by others. The experience is such a blessing in my life.