Do you wonder is God who you think He is? He is entirely different from who I thought he was before I started my journey, studying the Bible from cover-to-cover.

My vision of God changed again after reading the Bible cover-to-cover, but even more interesting is how my perception of God continues to evolve as I follow Christ.

Acceptance – Is God Who You Think?

Would God accept me? Did I have a right to ask for him to help me? Those were questions that I thought would receive a negative answer, instead, he is blessing me in ways beyond my wildest imagination.

He began to go to work on me when I walked into my Church. I thought there would be no way they would welcome me, given my history, but to my surprise, they did, and they do. That's when I decided to read the Bible.

When I finished reading through the entire Bible, I felt that there had to be something more than just the scripture. There is something more, and it is finding a new meaning to the Word of God.

I now understand why knowing scripture is only one small piece of having anywhere close to a grasp of what Christianity is in its entirety. The truth is that we can never wholly wrap our thoughts around even a fragment of what God is.

At the same time, we can experience God through his Word, through others, and through our surroundings in everything we do. Our journey to know him is what brings about joy in knowing we are on a pursuit to seek death to our old ways, and to live life to the fullest and eternally with Him.

We develop a real relationship with Jesus Christ in our everyday walk. He is leading us to be more like Him in everything we do. Following Christ brings joy into our heart, and it touches others in ways that they don't get from the secular world.

The Holy Spirit – Is God Who You Think?

We also connect with Christ through the Holy Spirit that resides in us as followers of Christ. You can tell when the Holy Spirit is working inside us. We see it in others, and we know by our actions that we are being led to do what we would not do by ourselves.

There is no way that I could, or any human tell you who God is in his entirety, but the collective of us might offer a small percentage of the greatness. We can only be in awe at the vastness that is available to us through continued faith development.

Now you have a smidgen of what God is for me. What is He to you?