Influential bloggers are people who take their passion for an obsession. They will do whatever it takes to sell their point to an audience. Most of the top bloggers never started thinking that they would become wealthy writing their blogs. In fact, most top bloggers don't write for the money; they write because they love their work.

Influential Bloggers aren't focused on the money

Even the influential bloggers who write about money aren't focused in on the money itself. They are into building their empire in their niche area. The ones that write strictly for the money are the ones who ultimately fail because their content is to fake and people see through their work.

Most businesses owners want to have a blog to write about their business, but they don't have the time. They want the traction, but they are too busy doing other activities and ignore what might be the most lucrative way to create profitable revenue streams. They are focused on the money, and not their passion for their work.

Just think about what would happen if business owners would spend a little less time talking about their business to one or a couple of people and spent more time writing the words that they so passionately share? The business owner would not need to repeat the same words; the blog does that for them. Instead, they could expand and reach out in new ways, with new ideas and capture more clientele.

Think of influential blogging as a way of writing your business plan. If what you write doesn't make sense on paper, it won't work in reality. You could think through strategy as you are sharing ideas.

Influential Bloggers focus on passions

You will be surprised by how quickly you could become an influential blogger if you share your passion and focus on consistently building your content. You are focusing on a select group of people who you will influence. Who knows? They might even approach you in public places such as airports to tell you that they read your blog. I know from experience, having someone walk up to you strengthens your passion for your work.

Keep in mind, that to be an influential blogger, you need to be consistently publishing content. They want to see that you are keeping up with current affairs. The world is moving so fast that what is important today will not be tomorrow.