Christmas was good to me again this year as I received a nook from my mother-in-law which I absolutely love and am looking forward to using it while flying out to Vegas this weekend.

I came home Christmas night and bought John Chow's book, “Making Money Online, Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul.” The book is 133 pages long and is an easy read packed full of great information and inspiration. It's probably the best $10 you'll spend.

John talks about everything from how he got his start to the risks that he took along the way to make his business work. He gives you specific information that you can put to use right now, no matter what level experience you have.

It's not often that online marketers talk about offline strategies to build readership, and some of John's ideas will catch you off guard but I definitely see how they'll work. I just wish I had read the book earlier as I would be using some of the strategies he's talked about at Affiliate Summit West 2011 this coming week.

I've caught on that you don't have to be the brightest cookie to make a great living online; you have to have the street smarts and common sense and John points this out in his book.

John talks about the stages that he's gone through building the business and even what products and services he used at the exact stage that he used them.

The Dot Com Mogul is clearly someone that says what he means and is willing to risk the consequences as nothing is going to hold him back. He is a genuine guy that stirs up controversy and always seems to have a smile on his face whenever you see him.

He's somebody that you definitely want to learn from as he obviously has it figured out. A great book by a great guy and this post is uncompensated!