Deciding to give it to God, to let Him help me with my struggles is a tough one. Not only do I have to choose to let go, but I also have to learn how to give it to Him. That means I have to swallow my pride in the process.

The power to give it to God comes through hope and faith. I know that God can and will do it for me if I let Him, and I have a conversation with Him.

I have learned that giving it to God is a process that happens in every situation. Each situation requires effort to turn it over to Him. We don't have an all-inclusive, although that would be great! We have to make a conscious effort to let go and give it to God, whatever it is.

Swallow Your Pride Before You Give It To God

Before I can give it to God, I have to swallow my pride and accept help from others. Giving it to God is not a do-it-myself kind of activity. It requires allowing others to become part of the process and solution.

Letting go means admitting that there is a problem that can't requires help to achieve the desired outcome. I know I can free myself from burdens that I would otherwise carry for a long time.

Hope happens when we give it to God because we are asking Him to help us conquer our fears and struggles. We want Him to put the resources into our lives that will make us stronger and better than we are today.

God has taught me that making changes takes time and that I will always be growing. I will still have challenges that require learning, and reliance on Him to help me on my path.

I know that the challenges in my life will never stop. Each day will bring new obstacles to navigate. Dealing with problems seems more straightforward because we have a better understanding of how to give it to God, and then what He expects us to do with what He provides. That's not to say some of them may be more difficult.

The best way I have found to gain hope and strengthen my faith is through a twelve step program like Celebrate Recovery. I encourage you to seek them out and make the changes you need for your life.