I ended up stuck in the wrong lane this past morning. I knew I was in trouble as the traffic would force me to go out of my way.

My stress level began to rise, as I headed to the point of no return. Heavy traffic in this area did not help the situation. And, I needed to be at my destination in less time than the alternate route would allow.

I had to get back on the right path, but this inner battle over what to do blocked my ability to make a decision getting us back on course.

Being stuck in the wrong lane only agitated how I already felt making my situation worse. That's when I decided to do the only logical option. I went into prayer asking God to free me from my frustration so that I could correct course and get to my destination.

Just then, I see a lane open up, all the way to the turning lane and I am instantly on course. If I had not asked for help, I would have continued down the wrong path and arrived late to my destination.

How many times do you get stuck in the wrong lane?

How many times do you find yourself stuck in the wrong lane while trying to accomplish a task? It happens frequently, but my ability course correct is getting faster.

The amount of time I spend off-course is becoming minimal. Asking for help is making a huge difference in my life, and it isn't as hard as I thought.

Sometimes we just have to use our faith to get the job done. I know that as I write this, I need a lot of confidence for upcoming projects. Getting help from the right source should alleviate the pain that comes with the task.

I'm looking forward to doing a clearing of the mind, which will unclog the mental superhighway and keep me from missing opportunities that come up. I probably am missing out on some great life experiences having this congestion going on in my mind.

So, it is time to get out of the wrong lane and move over into the fast track lane going straight to my destination.

When you think about it, we are never really stuck in the wrong lane; we just get caught by fear of what would happen if we change course. Move over into the right lane and have a little faith.