Being open minded is something that I thought described me. After some serious thought, I realized I'm not as open minded as I thought. I'm talking about when it comes to what I do, not what other people do.

Open mindedness is being willing to try different strategies. For example, I am changing my blog back to more about my daily like and thoughts. I'm including the development of my faith in Christ as a focus point of posts going forward.

Everything I write will come from the core of who I am, and what I am doing. I will no longer force a topic in this blog. My writing has to have meaning at least to me, and hopefully to someone else.

I want to focus on one person, over focusing on many. You can't be everything to everyone. Being open minded is finding different ways to accomplish my goals.

So much means so many different things to people like you and me. You might think that being open minded is all about you, me accepting you for who you are, or what you are. Being open minded to me is willingness to change and adapt the way I work, and the way I live.

Open minded thought changes my ways

Thankfully, I am changing my ways, and my faith in Christ is a significant factor in this change. It does not mean that I am doing everything right, rather, I am willing to take chances to be better at what I do, and how I handle situations.

There will be those of you who lay judgement on my willingness to be open-minded, to choose to follow Christ. You might thing that I am being close minded instead. I can tell you that my path is causing me to think differently, to think deeper, and to be open to accepting other people for who they are.

Imagine what it can do for you to go deep, to think differently, and to act differently. Always go for deep thought instead of the fluff!