Focus on getting right with God, and life is undoubtedly going to get better. You'll find peace, joy, and even happiness, no matter what your circumstances.

The reality is getting right with God is the best way to break free from the bondage of this world. You'll be able to overcome anything materialistic, relationships that aren't reliable, addictions, habits, or anything else that is of this world.

We have so little control over anything in life, no matter how strong and stable we are. The rug can be pulled out in a matter of a minute, but at the same time, our world can change for the better just as fast. It's all in the way we are thinking about what is happening.

Getting Right With God in this Moment

We can't go back, but we have this moment, and we have the future to make the changes necessary to live out a purposeful life. Getting right with God is the best way to change our lives.

Once we make those changes, we need to stay focused on what God wants for us, no matter what others want us to do.

We need to keep on track because as we become stronger and more focused, we will find others gravitating towards our energy.

They can take us off track, causing us to focus on things that are not productive, things that will keep us from our mission. We need to stay focused on our relationship with Christ.

The good news is, no matter how many times we stray from our path. We are not alone. God is there for us, willing, and waiting for us to come back to Him.

While humans aren't always forgiving, Christ still is, no matter what!

Getting right with God is the first step to having a life like no other, one filled with joy, no matter the circumstances. We can have that life, despite our past.

Don't worry if you think that you can't be, or don't deserve to have a relationship with Christ. It's not about being good enough; having a relationship with Christ is a gift; it is not something that you can earn.

There is not a human that walks this earth that can keep you from having a relationship with Christ. No one is capable of judging your status as a Christian. Only Christ and you know your relationship, and anyone can have that relationship, no matter what you have done.

Anyone and everyone are capable of getting right with God. Are you willing to make that commitment?