Today I realized that I need to be focusing on hope instead of desperation. How can that be?

My focus is on Christ, but not on what He will do in my life, and more like what I long for Him to do.

He's my coach, and I'm doing him a disservice by giving him a vote of no confidence, which is awful of me to do.

I Have Faith He Will Make the Necessary Changes in Me

Time to show Him full faith, and regain hope that He will make the necessary changes in me.

Thankfully, I am reviewing all the questions in the Celebrate Recovery books, and am answering the ones addressing Hope.

I want to reassess my actions and attitude over the last few weeks so I can see where I am struggling, or where I am going wrong.

How Could I Have Lost Hope?

How could I have lost hope, and moved into desperation mode in my daily walk? I knew something wasn't right, but could not put my finger on it, and this is my first step at doing a course correction.

We all go, of course, we're not perfect, and I've been working so hard to get closer to Christ. Maybe my patience isn't as good as I thought it was, and I need to slow down in the process so that I don't miss out on the grace and God's glory?

I know that this week there are numerous areas where I am going to need hope. God is going to have to work through me, and in me this week more than ever. I have faith that God will give me the strength and this week will go well.

Thankfully, I no longer need to be in desperation mode. I can feel the hope coming back. I have faith that He will guide me to do what is right.