Discovering traffic generating blog topics is easier than you might think. The challenge is going deep enough when significant you have significant competition.

TV Shows Are Traffic Generating Blog Topics

When I write about Shark Tank, I can create traffic generating blog topics. The post traffic skyrockets when the episodes are a rerun but are otherwise dormant. The traffic is significant enough in short bursts to make the subject worthwhile.

Solving Familiar Problems Create Traffic Generating Blog Topics

If you like constancy over time, you can pick a traffic generating blog post such as my post on improving Mediacom speeds by replacing your WIFI router. The WiFi post created a ton of traffic over time because of poor WIFI speeds until they appeared to fix the issue.

Publishing Frequently to Create Traffic Generating Blog Posts

There is no question that how often you publish posts will influence the amount of traffic you get to your posts because the search engines know which blogs are keeping their material current.

The posts published need to be relevant packed full of value. If you don't give your audience value, they are going to move on and never come back. Having the best headline won't make a difference if the content is terrible. Keep current and Keep the solid content coming. Give readers your best material.

Controversial Topics can be Valuable

Controversial topics are great for traffic generating blog topics. Be warned writing controversial posts will likely bring personal attacks. Have thick skin if you plan to engage your readers with ideas they may not appreciate.

Pour your heart into every word you write

Blog posts that show passion engage readers even if they don't comment. Let your readers relate to what you are saying and watch the blog post become a traffic generating blog topic. Let your readers know that you care about what your putting in front of them and they will come back again and again.