How to fix slow WIFI Speeds with Mediacom Internet using the NETGEAR R6220 WIFI Gigabyte router.

Every so often I have a friend who complains of slow speeds with Mediacom Internet. They often refer to to show the slow speeds. I remember how painful it is to pay for high speed internet, say 100 Meg, and only be able to obtain 50 meg speeds.

Mediacom determines their represented speed by hardwiring you to their router. Then, they offer to rent you a WIFI router for an additional monthly fee, and you take it thinking that you'll get the same 100 meg speed through WIFI. It doesn't work that way.

I remember starting with the 20 meg package, and getting 10 meg on WIFI, so I stepped up to the 50 Meg package and ended up getting 25 meg on WIFI. Then, I went to 100 Meg, and you guessed it, I could only get 50 meg on WIFI.

So what's the problem? Mediacom only gives you half the speed on WIFI, even though they can give you the full speed you are paying for. Most people don't realize they aren't getting the full speed, and Mediacom saves on bandwidth.

How to fix slow WIFI speeds with Mediacom Internet? Buy your own router!

The solution? Buy your own Multichannel Gigabyte WIFI router and get the full 100 Meg. Ironically, I have the 100 meg package and my wifi is pushing 130-140 megabyte through my Gigabyte router. I no longer pay a WIFI router rental, and my actual router was less than $100 total to own.

I do feel that Mediacom misrepresents their services, but I don't have another choice as there are no alternative competitors that are capable of producing the same speed. I just wish I would have known this was the problem years before, as I would have saved myself many frustrating calls to Mediacom.
Fortunately, the performance is fantastic since solving this issue without their help.

The router I am using is a Netgear AC1200 Smart WIFI Router with External Antennas. Model: R6220. You can get the NetGear R6220 at Amazon for around $75.

I hope you enjoy your faster WIFI as much as I do!

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