I made a post on Facebook, and a response came back, “Careful what you ask for!” God will take you deeper, and he is taking me more in-depth than ever. I am scared as I go on this journey, but I think it is coming to me now. I know what he is doing.

The Challenge to Careful What You Ask For

At first, hearing “Careful what you ask for!” seems like a challenge, but it's not. It is words of wisdom spoken through a true friend, delivering a message from God.

God's been answering quite a few prayers recently, so many that I don't realize the ones that are for me. I've worked to hear him talking to me, for me, but nothing seems to be as clear as the ones for others.

Yes, even the prayers said for others are answered prayers for me. But, there are some prayers that I am asking, that I thought were not being delivered. I am wrong; they are.

I want him to help me get control of my financial life. So that I am strong for my family, and I can be a man that I am credible in every way of my life, to be an example of what God does for us. I know that he is using me in so many ways, but now he is using others to show me how to be that man. I need to pay attention and make it happen. He is providing the tools and discipline.

God doesn't make it easy, and you do need to be “careful what you ask for!” He is going to provide in the right way, not on your terms. He is, and it is not on “my terms!”

I know God has me, and while my walk is challenging, it is good, and right! I have another testimony in the making!