As you can tell, more of my post is on why faith is so important to me. I'm growing as a follower of Christ, seeing proof that God is willing to do wonders in our daily walk. I want to share that with you.

Share My Faith

My goal is to be able to share my faith and reach just one person. The one who is struggling or is searching for a different path to take. Why do I care so much?

The shift in my blog is significant. The number of posts have previously focused on Shark Tank and entrepreneurship. Going towards faith will alienate a portion of my current audience. My belief in Christ is far more important than any amount of traffic to this site.

Because I know what becoming a follower means as my life changed, and others are changing around me. We are finding joy in tough times, and happiness and peace as well.

My Faith for kids, family, and community

I spend a significant amount of my week working on my relationship with Christ. I am working to become an example for my kids, my friends, and my community. Yes, I do struggle and fail from time to time, but I get back up and keep moving towards Christ.

The difference is so significant that I am now seeing what I know is possible to come true.

Yes, there are some that consider me a hypocrite, and they are correct. Some say that I fall short, and I also say they are right. I am a sinner and broken, but that doesn't mean I don't keep working to become the kind of man that I am supposed to become. I love the Lord.

God is teaching me patience, and I am following his commands. He is giving me the chance to fix my wrongs and to put a solid foundation in place that will allow me to live a life that I don't deserve.

I know he has incredible things in line for me, as I take steps to learn what it is to be a Godly-man and to love like no other, what a blessing is to come in my life.

He is Pushing Me to Strengthen my Faith

He's pushing me out of my comfort zone, and building relationships around me that are like none I have had before. He is teaching me to believe and have faith, that His hands will touch me through other believers.

I am all in, and I believe with all my heart that the Lord has control of my life.