BootyQueen Apparel is a high-quality fitness fashion line that caters to the woman who loves building her booty. They are pitching in Shark Tank Season 8.

Amanda and Steve's fitness apparel focuses on enhancing the booty, the primary product in the BootyQueen Apparel line.

They have $375,000 in sales, with cost is $33, and retail runs $85. The good thing is that you have the spokesperson for the deal.

BootyQueen Apparel – Episode Statistics

Company: BootyQueen Apparel
Entrepreneur: Amanda Latona Kuclo and Steve Kuclo
Ask: $2500,000 for 20% equity
Companies in this episode: GoverreSeeRescue® StreamerLoctote, Update: Prx Performance
Season: Season 8 Episode 822
Sharks: Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec
First Aired: 04/21/17
Deal: Daymond John $250,000 for 33.3%

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about BootyQueen Apparel

  • Mark Cuban says this is not is a core competency for him, so he is out.
  • Daymond John says there are a million pairs of tights out there, and the only way is to build repeat buyers. They are showing styles ahead, and they use social media to see if they will buy, and then they do their run. Daymond makes an offer of $250,000 for 33.3%. They counter Daymond at 25%, and he says no. Amanda counters with 27.5%, to which he answers he was going to go 50% before he made the offer. They accept Daymond's offer.
  • Kevin O'Leary thinks they are interesting because they bring the spokesperson for free. Kevin does not have an apparel line, and he doesn't believe BootyQueen Apparel is worth $1.25 million so, he is out.
  • Lori Greiner thinks they are on trend, and take all the popularity and do a line, and follow that trend, but she is not the right person for this. She is out.
  • Robert Herjavec doesn't get the whole big booty thing. Obviously, it is trendy. They are not in the clothing business; they are in the Amanda business. He is out.

After Shark Tank – BootyQueen Apparel

BootyQueen Apparel is now selling their products online and using their social media to gauge interest. You can buy them on Amazon.

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