Bon Affair Shark Tank Pitch

Jayla created Bon Affair after adding soda water to her wine, which she loved to drink, but needed to lighten her drink so that she did not wake up groggy in the morning. She created premium wine spritzer with premium California wine, purified sparkling water, and electrolytes. There is no added sugar, and 6.5% alcohol.

Bon Affair has half the calories of a normal glass of wine. Barbara asks why electrolytes are in the spritzer. Jayla comments that she is not making any claims, but it seems to counter the impact of the alcohol.

Sales for six weeks is $11,000. The Bon Affair bottle is designed by Jayla, having Barbara comment that the bottle is very elegant. She has $30,000 of her own money and raised $450,000 on a $2.61 million on the first round.

They are diluting the current investors, who feel that the Sharks are worth the value of dilution.

She has a total of $700,000 invested after a bottler failed to cap the bottles properly.

Bon Affair Episode Data

What do the Shark Tank Investors say about Bon Affair?

  • Mark Cuban – Mark asks how does this compare to other Wine Spritzer. He asks what the one thing she needs, which is exposure and the contacts. Mark likes her so he offers $150,000 for 35% equity. He believes that his wife will love her Wine Spritzer.
  • Daymond John – thinks she is going to need a massive amount of investment, and you can't touch this market without $5 million invested. He is out.
  • Kevin O'Leary – suggests that  she go talk to CostCo. There is one buyer, and he suggests she go see her. Kevin thinks she has a tough road ahead, and he never gives advice. He tells her to go do that, but he is out.
  • Barbara Corcoran – thinks she is an amazing salesperson. She has a double sell, sell the category and sell the brand. Barbara is not willing to go on that journey.
  • Robert Herjavec – asks who the target customer is, and it is a woman who works during the day and needs to wake up without the hangover.  Robert doesn't understand how you raised at $2.61 million and now the dilution is so low. He is out.

Bon Affair after Shark Tank

Mark completed the deal with Jayla and Bon Affair, in a shocking connection. Mark drinks cheap wine, but it has to be what his wife drinks that inked the deal, after he found that he likes Kayla and the opportunity.