There is a place where I go to think, near the railroad tracks. I love watching the trains go by, reminding me of being a kid and playing with a rather large train set with multiple railroad tracks and switches.

The place where I go to think is peaceful, nobody around, but very scenic. The trees are in full bloom, and a pond is close by complete with a flowering brush cover all over the area.

Tonight At The Place Where I Go To Think

Tonight I went to the place where I go to think and shot the photo attached to this post with my iPhone X. It is edited using Photoshop applying the Oil Pain filter as it took quite a while for a train to pass with darkness already settling in for the night.

There are quite a few mosquito bites that came with my patience waiting to photograph the train. It finally arrived after giving me plenty of time to ponder what is happening or isn't happening in my life at the moment.

place where I go to think

I've wanted to ride the rails at some point in my life. It might be something fun to do with my daughter. We could watch the scenery as we travel to a destination yet unknown, but surely to be someplace interesting.

If you were to ride the train, where would you go? Do you think you would have plenty of time to ponder, or would you prefer to find a place like I have and watch the locomotives go past?

Is there passion that comes to you when you go to your place to think? Maybe that's what I need is more passion for where I am and what I am doing? I felt it at Church yesterday, and I am feeling it now as I write this post.

Everyone should have a place where you can go to think, clear your head, or even let the emotions out that are trapped inside. The release is freeing and allows you to move forward.

That's what I do when in the place where I go to think.