The words, “You're Not Finished Yet!” came to me as I left after saying words so passionately in a heated moment. Those words made me stop in my track, turning around to go back and express all that is within me.

How did, “You're Not Finished Yet!” get into my mind? I know, it was the Holy Spirit speaking to me, telling me that I have work to do. I marched back in and continued what I was set in motion to accomplish.

The moment filled with anger is not something you would expect to have come from God. He is a loving God right? The reality is that being angry used in the right place is Biblical.

There are places where Jesus showed his anger to wake us up to the things we are doing wrong against God and others. Remember, we are supposed to be like Jesus.

Words For Me – “You're Not Finished Yet!”

I realize now that while those words used for someone else are as much for me as they are for them? The passion that brewed in those words is the passion I need in everything I do in my life. It is what I have lacked, and what is brewing inside of me at this very moment.

I now realize that my work has just begun. It is time to take the passion of this moment and to direct it at everything I do in my life.

No longer can I be submissive to powers that are unhealthy; instead, I must move forward with intense passion towards what is right. It is time for me to be a man of God, a man who lives to please God.

I know now that God is telling me, “You're Not Finished Yet!” for me. He wants me to go forth with as much passion as I put into someone who I would give the world if in my power. I need to have that much love for myself and more importantly for the Lord.

No more shall I cower allowing others to control what I do, but I am to stand firm, to do what is right, no matter what. God is offering me this gift, and I need to be more like Jesus.