You never know, you might be getting used.

Last summer, I connected with a buddy who I grew up with. I'm in New York City's Central Park working on my laptop when I came across a comment on Facebook, along with a picture, discussing New York City traffic.

My buddy had just posted so I grabbed my phone and rang him saying you won't believe where I am. Moments later, I'm in a cab on the way to meet up with him.

We found a bar to hang out and have adult beverages on a Wednesday afternoon. The conversation was great as always, but a little surprise came out that day.

As we were chatting he brings up when he turned 16 and got his car. He admitted to me that he used me for gas so that he could go into the city, hook up with his girlfriend and cruise the avenue.  All of his friends, which were older than me used to laugh about it, they didn't think I had a clue, but I knew and it didn't matter to me.

He thought he told me something I didn't know but I surprised when I told him I knew. Then I admitted to him that I was using him too.

I was a few years younger than him and I loved to cruise the avenue. I had my personal chauffeur in a hopped up car and got to hang out with the older kids.  During that time of my life, that was what you did when you were in high school.

I'm not sure if he was mad, or just found it humorous. The look on his face was priceless and the moment I told him he knew it was true.

I hope my buddy didn't feel guilty, I know I didn't, but then I also knew he was using me too!

So next time, you think you're using someone, you never know, you might be getting used.