Just because I haven't done a lot of writing in my personal blog doesn't mean I'm not creating a ton of content. I've got other blogs where I am spending most of my time.

Still, I would like to see my content resume back to my 2010 pace when I published a couple of posts per day.

My life is changing enough that I could probably do it if I wrote about what is happening on a daily basis from a “me” perspective.

And, I have to say, my life is starting to get fun again. I am experiencing a lot of joy, and even peace mixed in, which is something I don't think I have ever had.

Challenges of Writing in my Personal Blog

My challenges have changed considerably, as I am spending a considerable amount of time studying the Bible. It is the foundation for everything I do now, and it is the best foundation a guy could have.

The latest obstacle I desire to overcome is the change from always enjoying being alone is to want to be more social. My kids are with me every other week, and they keep me busy full-time, but on the other week, I have way too much alone time.

Working at home doesn't help cure the need to be around people. I took care of that last year when I worked out of the Vault, and it changed my attitude. This year, I am looking for opportunities in a different venue.

That's because my lifestyle changed significantly, in that I want to be around more like-minded people.

I spend time doing Bible Study and am in a Life-Group. I am participating in Celebrate Recovery, a program my church is launching in fall.

But, I need something more. Most all my friends are married and have their own thing going on at night. Bars are out, I quit drinking last year, so they don't appeal to me.

I am still single, and I have some personal growth to do before jumping into a relationship. Another failed relationship is not an option.

So that's all I have got for tonight. At least I am still writing once a month, and maybe I will start writing more? You can always read my stuff at GodinMe.Faith, and I'll have another site launching soon.