Blogging to Make Money Online is writing about the right topic. Literally, the choice that you make when you write each article will mean the difference for you getting paid to write it, or simply expressing yourself.

Let me give you an example, I write a simple review of what's coming up on a show like American Chopper – Paul Jr vs. Paul Sr and I get people to click on my post. They want more information. Those people then continue to look for more information and often click on the advertisements that I have on my site which ultimately convert into a sale, or a cost per click (meaning I get paid when my reader goes to another site). Now, my goal is not to lose my readers to another site, but if they do go some place else, it's a great way of departing.

I could take another subject, I'm often indexed well when I write about the Shark Tank Entrepreneurs. Toy Guroo is a great post for me and converts extremely well. I'm in Toy Guroo's affiliate program so love it when readers click on their links, still, they can exit through other links as well.

I do need to improve my strategy by doing more series of articles that relate and link to each other internally. When I focus on this strategy, I keep my audience longer because you continue on to other quality content that is related to what the reader is interested in. The more content that is related, the better the chance my readers will return to look for new and fresh content.

When blogging, I have to remember that most people are coming for the latest articles, and the old articles, while still available are not likely to be read frequently. Blogging is the one place where you can go back and repeat yourself, especially with a subject that got you great traffic previously. You can freshen up your content and give it again, giving you the opportunity to once again rise to the top of the SEO index.

That's how you make money online writing about the right topics for your blog.