I think I've found the perfect strategy to producing posts faster and with better quality than I have in the past (makes you want to go back and read the lessor quality posts , right?)

For the record I've not read this anywhere else, but let's face it, somebody's has to come up with this strategy. To get this down, you simply start writing your post before you create the title.

The strategy works because a person that has ADHD (that would be me) will float around with the subject matter, often getting stuck not knowing where to go next with the original subject.

When you don't first write the title, you can easily change the subject to whatever you're thinking of at the moment. This often works to produce a better blog post faster as you're no longer stuck trying to produce the content for the great title that you came up with.

If you stop writing and can't think of anything, you simply go back and begin proof reading your work. I'll even rewrite as I'm proof reading coming up with more to say.

Still, even though I proof read every article, you have to have better grammatical abilities to catch errors that you shouldn't have made and because I wasn't too good at paying attention at school (that ADHD thing again), you'll have to forgive me and hopefully still get the specific message I'm aiming to deliver.

Try writing your post first and then creating the title to fit. You're going to be surprised how much easier your work will come to you.