If you're continuously trying to figure out how to make money from your blog, you best start writing what you are passionate about and do lots of it. Sitting around thinking about how you can do it, is a waste of time. Start writing now and make it happen!

Think about it, common sense will tell you that you need to have tons of great content for your readers to continually come back to what you have to say. That can take several years to develop, and rightly so. Who wants to listen to someone that has only been blogging for a few weeks and has no real depth to their content?

Having great content comes from having solid experiences and sharing those experiences with others. That doesn't mean those experiences need to have been before you start writing, they can happen as you write, but make sure you let your reader know your also in the learning process. This is a part of connecting with your reader, and gaining their trust.

There is a great chance that you are going to jump from business model to business model, that's ok, but do yourself a favor and keep your personal blog going the whole time. Make that blog solidly about your experiences along the way and be honest. You will be glad you did, as your process will make for great content.

Your personal blog is your notes of your experiences, it tells what you have learnt, what you want to learn and what you have accomplished. Make it real and don't try to be too perfect.

My greatest successes have come from what I have learnt from my failures. Sharing those failures along with the successes makes for a great combination of credibility with those that you are reaching out to.

This is an important lesson of how to make money from your blog.