It's great to be working on a beautiful day in Central Park, NYC. While there are quite a few people in the park, it's very peaceful and relaxing. Horse and carriage going by, bikes flying by, they even have traffic lights on the trails at intersections.

The rock I'm setting on is a little bit uncomfortable right now so I might have to pull out some more shirts from my bag for extra padding, still the breeze is great, the sun is shinning, and I'm in shade so I can see the laptop screen.

All this is possible with my HTC EVO phone from Sprint. It has a wifi hotspot feature to connect up to eight devices and it works great. I even used it to take photos for me.

There's a huge rock not too far from here that I see children playing on, and what looks like a playground with splash pad.

I always said I wanted to be able to  work wherever including a beach, a park will do as well.