It turns out that working from home is a real downer on my list because I've embraced the comradery that comes from working in the Vault, a co-working community setup in the NewBo district of Cedar Rapids.

Working from home provides no interaction with great people building businesses of their own. They are such an inspiration as they work diligently to create new businesses.

Working in a place like NewBo offers fantastic venues like Brewhemia, where I've met more new people in the last two months than I have in the last eight years.

We've picked a round table, and have new faces showing up on Whiskey Friday's, but we shouldn't stop with Friday because stopping in for my morning breakfast brings surprises as well.

Terry O'Quinn - Working at homeJust two weeks ago, some of the employees at Brewhemia decided to show me a picture of a guy named, Terry O'Quinn, who appears in Lost, and other TV shows like X-Files, and in movies such as Young Guns.

He went to school at the University of Iowa but is older and taller than me. Still, I think that's cool. Thanks to the girls at Brewhemia for making my day!

Back to Working at Home

Oh yeah (one of those ADHD moments), I'm working from home until Monday because of the threat of this week's flood. Fortunately, the city built a 10-mile long wall that protected most of the NewBo, and that means we're back on Monday! Thank God, I don't want another week of working from home.

So, I don't think I'll ever be working from home on a permanent basis again, as I love the action of the community, having great people around me, and a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy life in Cedar Rapids!