WishList Member releases version 2.6 of the WordPress Plugin site. The organization has over 23,000 installs and is one of the most popular membership based site packages available.

I haven’t been working with WishList Member for that long, but I can tell you my experience has been very strong. The tutorials are extremely easy to understand and specific to each feature. The videos are fairly short and very direct.

With the new version, I think it will be even easier to use this product. I’ll go ahead and outline the features that they have changed or included.

The first feature is custom registration fields. According to the team at WishList Member, the number one request has been the ability to create registration fields allowing for additional information such as address fields, Date of birth, Terms of service Check boxes other types of data.

Each page is created using drag and drop features and each membership level is able to be customized separately with specific content that applies to each group.

The second feature added is the new install setup wizard.

Each time you do an installation, you will be coached on what settings are required or are nice to have, but not necessary. This way, your setup is always done right the first time.

I’m excited to get to work with this new feature as it automatically creates most of the error pages so you don’t have to. That’s a great benefit.

Every step features clear instructions making the job easier than ever.

The third feature allows you to easily import or export data to your setup. This feature is great when you work with multiple membership sites and you want to use the same settings in each site. Multiple membership sites can be quickly setup.

The fourth feature better organizes the membership level areas for people who have numerous levels. Now your members are easier than ever to track.

Learn more about WishList Member here.