Writing Blog posts in WordPress just became easier than ever with a plugin called JetPack.  One of the features is a grammar and spell checker.

Before, I would write my blog posts in Word and then transfer them over to WordPress. Recently, I started writing them directly in the blog template. The thought is to reduce work, after all, this is a great interface to write in and there's no format changes needed.

I wrote in word because I liked the spell checker, but lately I've added some special characters which get reformatted in Word. If I write directly in my blog, the formatting stays the way I want it to look.

Writing in WordPress allows me to place links as I go as well so I don't have to do it as an afterthought. That makes writing a post much more convenient.

WordPress allows me to save my articles as drafts. If I decide not to run an article now, I can save it and publish it later. I can make changes at any time so really that takes another argument out of using Word to write my blog posts.

I do like to keep a back up file of everything I have written, but the blog gets backed up at my host and through plug-ins. Why not have a back up file of everything and not having this massive Word document and having to rebuild everything one article at a time. With a backup you can install everything at once.

Writing in WordPress allows you to save and pick back up on any computer that has Internet Access. Just log in and start working on your article. Write it in Word and you're going to have to go back to the computer you wrote it on unless you carry it on a portable drive or have it stored online, which is not convenient.