I should have used the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program when I attended my first Conference. I had no idea how much this event had to offer and having an industry veteran with me would have opened the door to new experiences.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I missed out on a substantial amount, I found that it was by far the best, most well run event that I had ever attended and that says quite a bit.

Still, what I missed in the Newcomer program was a potential relationship with an industry veteran who was willing to give back. Someone that would have made introductions to the people that I wanted to speak with most.

That person would make sure that I knew about other events and parties as well, creating even more opportunity to connect with other influential people who have potential to make my career move to the next level.

When you sign up for the Newcomer program, an industry veteran will contact you via phone to help you get the most out of your upcoming event. They are going to talk to you about what you would like to get, even helping to ensure you’re in the right sessions.

If you’re a veteran of the show, you should consider participating as well. Newcomers aren’t necessarily inexperienced people. They are from all different areas in the industry including Affiliates, Advertisers, Networks, Vendors and Agencies.

You have the opportunity to forge new relationships that may turn out to be highly profitable. At the very least, you will have made a new friend who talks about how you helped them get to know the leading industry conference.

The affiliate marketing industry is all about relationships. This is a great program because you don't even have to ask to develop your first relationship at the show. It's already done for you. Get connected with like-minded people.

Why not register for the Affiliate Summit Newcomers program today.