Have you bought a program that promised to teach you how to make money online? Chances are you did, and chances are you didn’t make anything…

Did your program come with a money back guarantee? It probably did. Did you ask for it back? Probably not… Most people are too embarrassed to say that they failed to do what the program taught.

Very few of these programs give you the real information that you need to create a successful business online or offline that can provide real value. Chances are, you don’t have enough business experience to realize this. If you’re looking to money making programs to be successful, you are looking in the wrong direction.

If you’re not successful with the program, don’t sweat it. The real person that’s not successful is the one that wrote it. They gave you a program that is incomplete. It doesn’t work because it assumes that you know information that is not included.

If you buy a money making program, and if it has a money back guarantee, get your money back if you don’t make money from the program!

It is widely assumed in the industry that most people that buy any program will not be successful with it. Many people won’t even open up the program after paying for it. This assumption is what the author of the program is counting on.

The bottom line… People who make money teaching other people how to make money, rarely make money teaching people, they make their money on people they don’t teach. That’s the big secret!

It’s about time somebody put a plan together that breaks everything down into tasks without dependencies that roll up into objectives, which support your goals. Then you would have a program that teaches you how to make money, online or offline!