Having your own blog is like having a car. While you don't need a car, it's practical and gets you places you need to go. Sure, you could use public transportation, but you're limited to specific routes.

A blog is a vehicle that gets you places. It's a tool that puts you where you need to be so you can be visible in your community either locally or worldwide.

You-need-a-blogI started my blog first as a learning tool and as I write more often, I'm connecting with more interesting people. It's creating a personal brand for me, and it will do the same for you. I'm actually building credibility worldwide, simply writing what I think.

That's different then what I first thought blogging was all about. I actually thought a blog was to tell the world what you knew and about your experiences in the past to create credibility, but the more I write, the less I'm writing about what I've done and more about where I'm going. The credibility is what I'm doing right now, not what I've done.

That might be why some people who get Ivy League educations are never able to do anything with what they've learned in school, no matter how hard they try. We live in today, not yesterday and this creates a struggle for those that have invested a hundred thousand or more for education. Quite often that information is useless and today's world requires new information that you don't know.

I've chosen to establish my credibility by posting frequently on my blog. As you come to my blog daily you know that there's a good chance I've got a new post, but now, I'm stepping up adding to the blog, so you very well could find new information added periodically throughout the day.

The good news is that when you blog about today and the future, you now have plenty to talk about. There's going to be an endless supply of new content, unless of course you're not learning anything new. If that's the case, finding content is no your problem, rather going nowhere fast is

Where else can you build credibility as an expert while you're the student?

Let's face it, everyone would benefit from a blog if they apply themselves.