Why are people marching on Wall Street? Why are they protesting? Everywhere in the country we have people coming together to protest.  Usually, when people protest, they have an organized cause. This is mass chaos. They have different signs for different ideas. Are they really trying to change something or are they a part of this confusion just to be included in something that defines them?

Van Jones came out saying that they need to be better organized, to take on the Tea Party strategy as a role model of how to protest. He can't stand the Tea Party for what they stand for, but he makes a great point. The Tea Party has no official leadership post. It's a group of people with a common cause, unlike the people who are causing chaos and protesting with no common cause, with no goal in mind.

March On Wall Street

I watched a clip on O'Reilly where someone quit their job so they could come and march to demand help getting a job. That's just crazy.  Others want communism, some of them are demanding that we acknowledge Global Warming. They want to tear apart capitalism and then Michael Moore shows up, who's one of the biggest beneficiaries of Capitalism to support destroying what made him so successful.

Even writing this post is kind of crazy because, while the central theme is asking why are people marching on Wall Street? We know that there is no real good answer. The marchers don't know, sure they have their own cause, but they don't have common causes. They are simply disrupting life. Is that what we really want in our world?

I can't understand why these people simply don't want a better life. Do we have that many misguided and disturbed individuals? What are you really marching on Wall Street for?