Who's Reading You? Is it who you want reading your blog? Often, the most read content in a blog is link bait, something bloggers and affiliate marketers write to get traffic.

A great example of link bait is my post on the “American Chopper Season Premier”.  That post consistently generates traffic. The problem is that post has very little to do with my blog and the people who read the post don't stick around.

So, if we look at who's reading you, should we target the person that's reading the content not relevant to the entire blog? Well, that would be okay if you enjoy your topic, but in many cases it's not where the writer wants to go.

Converting Who's Reading You

The best scenario is to find link bait topics that are better related to what your blog is about and then work to capture the right audience. This strategy is far more likely to pay off over the long run.

I've constantly fought over deleting the “American Chopper Season Premier Post”, simply because it's annoying to see it constantly coming up in my popular posts. Really, the only value I get from it is traffic.

I'll leave it, instead making it a challenge to build other posts that drive more traffic and are more relevant to my blog. The challenge is taking the American Chopper post out of the top post list while maintaining the current traffic coming to the post. Achieving this would mean a significant increase in my audience and will produce substantially more revenue from my blog.

The steps I'm going to take are:

  1. Look for popular or trending topics related to my primary topic of this blog
  2. Write to convert readers into taking action. I'm here to profit from my blog and I'm assuming you want to do the same thing
  3. Use the American Chopper as a motivator and not remove the post. The challenge is to rank other posts higher and take the American Chopper post out of the top post list

Accomplishing the steps above will make this blog even more rewarding both personally and financially. My results will help to motivate others to keep building on their content, making it more relevant to the audience at hand and more profitable for us, the bloggers.

Thanks for reading and tell me what you think in the comments here.