Most bloggers fail to consider who your audience is before blogging. Some bloggers, including myself, have encouraged newbies to start writing about anything. If you can, consider who your audience is before you start blogging, and save yourself valuable time.

Your primary subject should help you determine who your audience is in general. You may need to narrow your focus or expand the focus depending on how niche of a blog topic you have. The only people to target are those who will buy and help you sell your product.

Think about the influencers of who your audience is when blogging.

Sometimes focusing on people who influence the people who buy your product are better than targeting the individuals who are buying your products. The reason is that influencers are better salespeople, and have the credibility that you don't have to earn as they are building your credibility for you. Who are the influencers of people who buys your products and services?

Create content that is relevant to the individual who buys your product and the people who influence the people who buy your products. Speak to both audiences because the influencers are the people who get people to turn into easy closing sales. Blogging and social media are all about creating credibility with your audience.

What are current events influencing your audience?

There are many ways to determine what current events are affecting your audience. You may use tools such as Google Trends to determine the traffic significance. Another option is to pay attention to what is in the news that is relevant to your primary subject. I pay attention to Facebook user groups, and even my timeline when deciding what I will target for a blog.

What kind of terms will influencers and buyers search?

Using a tool like Google Trends gives you the opportunity to search for keywords related to your subject matter of your blog and Website. Think of more than keywords when using the tools How can you put those keywords into phrases that a person would speak into a phone using SIRI or other voice recognition applications. Keyword phrases wrapped around your subject matter will be the most likely source of natural traffic to your posts on your site, and ultimately support your primary mission of your site.

The keyword phrases support what is known as long-term search, which is what is more relevant in mobile search. Mobile search will likely account for more than half, if not all of your traffic to your site.

Educate your audience

Do you need to educate your audience, or do they already know the terms of your subject matter?

Is your targeted audience experienced in your subject area? What if they are unfamiliar with terminology relating to your subject?

Knowing who your audience is and what they know will help you develop your traffic and sales to your site. Understanding how much they know, what terminology and when they will search might be the difference between success and failure.

You may need to educate newbies on your subject matter. And, you might need to  influence those familiar with your topic at the same time. Think about how you will segment your content to speak directly to the newbie versus content that targets a mature audience. Are you able to integrate the same material, or do you create separate content for each audience?

Hopefully, this post helps spark ideas on who your audience is and what content influences them to buy. Use my free WordPress blog setup service if you want to get started with a blog today.