I'm writing about why “Who You Are Doesn't Matter” when so many people are able to become a micro-celebrity in their niche market. The least likely people become superstars in their own right, simply by imagining and creating a brand wrapped around their persona.

There are some tenacious people with vision and desire to change who they are, they go from extreme circumstance to what appears an overnight success, although every time you listen to their story, you discover that they often come from adverse situations.

The real reason why who you are doesn't matter is because success happens when you believe in yourself and take action. People come from extreme circumstances to become huge successes, even though they have gigantic obstacles in front of them.

I started reading Ad Age Power 150 this year and as I look down the list, I see many people who are doing extremely well, most of which I had never heard of before, and I know you likely haven't either.  That doesn't matter, they have their own following which is enough for them to do really well.

What's even more interesting is that the formula for making it on this list is available at Ad Age. Anyone who's serious can focus on this formula and put themselves on the list. Keep in mind that it will take at least six months to get on this list and more likely a few years.

As I read through the Power 150, I see consistency in the list. To get here you have to first do this:

  1. Produce a ton of content… Most bloggers at this level have 5,000 or more posts on their site. The average blogger never makes 100 posts total. I've got over 500 here, so I've got a way's to go.
  2. Most bloggers on the Power 150 write everyday, or have writers who contribute content daily. That's challenging to do.
  3. Spend your time producing content, not reading it. Bloggers make money by sharing, not getting educated. Don't confuse the aim.
  4. Spend less time doing “what they say to do, and more time doing what they are doing”  Successful people often get full of themselves and offer advice on what they think you should do. “Do as they do, not as they say!”  This rule produces better results.
  5. Avoid following guest posts by bloggers you've never heard of. Chances are, they are writing to establish credibility. If you are buying into their idea, triple verify what they are saying before you follow it.
So that why, who you are doesn't matter. Anyone who wants it is capable of finding success. Do you want it?