Businesses that sell products and services online often make a major mistake. They don’t put their address, telephone number and hours in an easily identifiable place. If you’re a local business, you could be losing customers that would have otherwise chosen you over the competition.

Some people won’t spend the time to look all over your site, especially if they can find it with your competition.

Just last week, I had to take an amplifier in to get it serviced at the stereo shop. I told the store owner I was impressed with his website, he told me it wasn’t that good and he wanted a better one.

I told him it was great, it had the information the customer needs readily available without any effort required to search the site. His website was nice, but most importantly it did what it was supposed to do.

You can have the best graphics, the greatest looking site, and it won’t matter if you don’t have the right information available.

So where is your address, telephone number and stores hours on your website?