What’s your story? At Blog World in New York City, I went to a session put on by Michael Margolis. His business is Get Storied and he’s all about teaching you to tell your story. I enjoyed Michael's session, and I changed my about me page right after. Unfortunately, I signed up for his material but I didn’t read it. I might have just made one of the biggest mistakes so far in my role as a Professional Blogger.

The great news is that today, I opened up one of his emails sent to me. There were a couple of links, I chose the first one and started reading what he had to say.

The post, “The Power of Storytelling: From Hauling Trash and Addiction to Stardom” talks about Chris Rene, who recently completed Rehab. In the post is a video of Rene on Simon Cowell’s new show, The X Factor. I had never watched the show before.

Rene tells the audience that just seventy days before, he had exited rehab and has been clean. They asked what he was going to do, to which he said he would sing his original song called “Young Homey.”

The look on the faces of the judges said we’re headed for a disaster but Rene began to sing and the response was nothing like I had ever seen from them before. He clearly moved everyone, even me as I watched the video. I’m including a link so you can see this for yourself.

The greatest bloggers and Affiliate Marketers spend less time talking about them, they spend more time talking about others. That’s probably the primary reason I haven’t spent time in Michael Margolis material. I don’t want to spend more time talking about me I want to start spending more time talking about people like Chris Rene.

Get Storied Michael Margolis

What a mistake, I just realized that Michael Margolis is spending time telling stories. He told a story about someone who motivated him and motivated me. That’s OK, because even though the story is about him being motivated, it’s really about someone else and that’s what made his post so great.

I’m thinking that Michael Margolis has more great material that I can learn from and I’m planning on spending time learning what he has to say.

Why not check him out and download his book “Believe Me” it’s free at his blog.

Oh, one more thing, I didn’t receive compensation to write this, nor am I an affiliate for his material. That could change in the future if all his stuff is this great.

Michael, thanks for sharing your story…