I woke up Sunday morning, prepared to do whatever it takes. And, on this day, that means waking up to a fresh snowfall, ready to go out with a snow plow truck and shovel snow!

I didn't know that doing whatever it takes included shoveling sidewalks, which caused me to question my ability to do the job. I found out soon enough I was able to get the job done.

Unfortunately, the worker that was supposed to shovel sidewalks didn't show up.

I felt the workout in my hips especially, as well as my arms and back. You would have thought it would lead to an extremely sore Sunday for my body, but I felt pretty good! Maybe, I am in better shape than I thought?

The truck came with two snowblowers in the pickup box, but the heavy wet snow is too much for the machines, forcing me to shovel snow.

I cut more than a couple of pounds doing the job, which is a welcome benefit. And, given that I am almost fifty years old, I'd say I did a pretty good job!

Sure, it's not what I would like to do on a Sunday, but when duty calls, you have to do whatever it takes. And, I made sure to keep my record up of attending Church.

I knew I would be out plowing and shoveling on Sunday morning, and made sure to attend the Saturday night service instead. The sermon fit where I'm at with my spiritual walk, so it's a good thing to be at Church Saturday night instead.

So what's with “whatever it takes?”

Focusing on “Whatever it takes” is a frame of mind. It draws on your passion and commitment to overcome obstacles that you never thought you were capable of or would do to succeed.

When I say do “Whatever it takes,” I need to qualify that to do whatever it takes within reason. This turned out to be an excellent adventure for me. I did more than I thought possible.

Will you do whatever it takes to get the job done?