Some of us dream about the big picture, what we want out of life. What we want it to look like in a perfect world. Then there are those of us that only look to the next minute. What will make us happy right now, and we neglect what tomorrow is going to bring to us. We are along for the ride.

Those are two very different scenarios, but equally risky. They are dangerous because we are along for the ride.

In one case, we end up dreaming about where we are going but rarely get there because we aren't doing the work necessary to get the result. We are doing the work “required” to survive.

The other case is one where we likely have the resources we need to “survive” and “enjoy” our life at the moment, but we have no vision for our future.

Both situations often lead to sadness.

The first is a constant drain as you struggle to make ends meet, and you feel guilty for your failures.

The second is a roller coaster as you think you are having a “good” time at the moment, but then the hangover happens, regardless if you drink, abuse substances, or on an emotional high.

Neither gives you joy, peace, or happiness, even if you are going to Church every Sunday and saying your prayers daily. You may have pockets of joy, peace, and happiness, but it does not stay with you for long as you face life outside of Church.

I have experienced both sides of each and know that you don't find peace, joy, and happiness in either place.

Each day brings a new moment, a fresh start that is a work in progress seeking perfection, knowing that I, nor anyone else, will achieve perfection.

Our truth is that we don't need perfection to find peace, joy, and happiness. Brokenness is in abundance in all of us and is the hidden source, the beginning to achieve peace, joy, and happiness.

Without brokenness, we fail to experience grace. Without trouble, we cannot experience peace.

For most of my life, I did not like myself, and I did not love myself. Today, I both love and like myself, no matter what the situation, no matter how imperfect I am.

Our focus is not only on the moment but what we want out of life long term. Life for all of us is far from perfect, it never will be “perfect” in the sense of no problems, but we can move in the right direction.

We will always make mistakes, miss opportunities, and have those moments where we fail to appreciate what we have. None of those issues will last long and will change as soon as we recognize them with action and course correction.

Course correction begins with prayer, seeking God in all our answers and needs. Asking him to guide us into making the right decisions, doing the work he wants us to do, not only in His house but in everything we do. God does for us when we do His work.

That is what we have control over. It is what offers us joy, peace, and happiness.

Have a Blessed Weekend, and I am so thankful that you took the time to read this post.