So you want to know, “What should I write on my blog?” I get that question, we all are searching for that answer.

Fortunately, you have a vast amount of knowledge that is accumulating in your head, on your computer, and your bookshelf.

You also have the intense conversations shared with others. Just think of the amazing thoughts that come from sharing your opinion and feelings with others.

Why not put your life into a timeline, and then relate experiences to help other people know what you know?

What should I write should be real!

Be real, learn to put your heart into the words you are sharing. Your reader will feel your emotion, making your message more believable. And, when you write from your heart, you enjoy writing your posts!

When you are real, you are writing not only for you but your target audience. Words will engage the reader as you pass the emotions to them. They will seek more from you, even when they disagree with what you are saying.

Being real is being passionate. Passion brings words to your lips and transfers to your hands. Writing will become a love, not a task.

Have a conversation with yourself, not with others near if you can help it, but talk to yourself.

Record your conversation that you have with yourself. Who knows, you might end up being a great podcaster. Podcasting provides an excellent opportunity to increase your content, and size of an audience.

Another chance to find out what should I write about comes when I ask others to tell me what they want to know.

Turn their suggestions into a learning opportunity for yourself. Take your notes and write about your quest to answer their questions.

My favorite way to determine what I should write about is getting out and experiencing life. Write about what is happening today.

Use holidays, such as today. It is Valentines Day. Write about your plan for sharing with your loved one. If you are single like me, you could observe others in places like Facebook, and share their stories(I wouldn't use real names), but you can tell the story.

Ultimately, open your heart, and your hands will do the rest. Share the beauty of the world around you, and you'll find plenty of people who want a little bit of what you have to offer.