We all say “you shouldn't care what other people think.” I've said it to many friends, at times while receiving critical comments from others, but there are many reasons why I should care what you think.

The first reason is what your thoughts are often reflect more on you than on me. That's why many people believe that bad press is far better than no press. The same goes for personal relationships.

I care what other people think – no matter what

Your thoughts tell me if you are willing to be fair with me. And if you buy into somebody else's comments over my reality, I'll know that whatever the situation is not worthy of my time, allowing me to move on.

But, if your thoughts are misguided, I'll learn what kind of person you are, when you give me a chance to prove them wrong. I'll take friends like that all day long.

The hardest are those thoughts that hit unfairly, in ways that seem legit, or even are legit comments, and there's nothing you can do to either change yourself or show that they no longer reflect who you are.

Of course, anyone would love what you think if you are showering another with praise, and that's great as long as the praise is accurate, but if it's merely lip service, you have to take it for what it is.

My genuine interest in what others think is a contributor to my lack of self-confidence and esteem. Therefore, you might want to care a bit less than I do, but you shouldn't dismiss what others think, you might find some truth in their thoughts, allowing you to learn more about yourself.

And then there are those that won't tell what they think, no matter how hard you work to get a revelation. Who knows why they won't say, and you will never know until they reveal their words. Not a good situation for interested people like me! 🙂

Do you care what other people think, especially when it comes to you?