Do you wonder what if Steve Jobs stayed in College? It made me think…. Would we have Apple? Maybe not.

All through my life I've wondered where I'd be if I would have went to college. I've done some pretty amazing things, many are what people dream about but never do. How far would I be if I had a college diploma and then I see people marching on Wall Street, many who are career college students.

As I consider this, I'm now thinking that no college was the right move for me. I've self-taught what I need to know, and I've avoided influence by Professors that have never done anything outside the school. Shouldn't college be taught by people who have real world experience, not what they read in a text-book?

Employers often say they require a college degree for certain jobs, yet they will often make exceptions for internal people who are outstanding performers that lack the diploma. Why is it that we are so focused on that degree.

From time to time we hear about top performers in workplaces that get in trouble because they lied on an application, saying they have a diploma so they can get a specific job. In many cases, it's overlooked after considering the performance, except in educational institutions where they demand the diploma.

We have college educated people who are demanding that they have a right to education. That they are owed jobs and that we need to become a socialist country.  Why is it that college isn't teaching us to create, but is teaching us to take? What's wrong here? Are we educating the wrong people?

We have entrance exams that test if someone is smart enough to learn more, isn't that kind of ironic? We need to be smart enough to learn more? Is that fair?

Our educational system is without a doubt screwed, it's not money we need, but new people in charge of the educational system that focus on educating our people who need it most. The ones that really can't find a job and don't know how to help themselves. The last thing we need to do is to give more information to people who already don't know how to use what they have.