Recently, a University of Iowa Professor, Stephen Bloom wrote an essay for The Atlantic. The work is about life in Iowa where he paints a picture making “The Walton’s” look Cosmopolitan compared to those who live in Iowa.

He cited the unbalanced community of white people as reference to support his cause, saying the state is not culturally diverse enough to have such a strong role in determining leadership in our country. Maybe he was saying that Iowan’s are responsible for making a huge mistake with electing President Barack Obama? No, I think he’s referring more to the current elections.

Of course, he’s referencing that judges created a law in Iowa allowing Gay Marriage. He cited that Iowan’s are so backwards that we fired the judges for making law (elected officials make law, judges enforce law), and criticized Iowans who feel the judges overstepped their responsibilities and demand a constitutionally correct vote like California and other states have held.

Before I get hate mail about Gay Marriage, let me say that I don’t think Government should have any say in marriage. It’s a religious ceremony that’s been hijacked by the Government. I believe we need a law that recognizes a household where two people in a committed relationship are able to merge assets as a corporation is able to do. Marriage would be only recognized by Church and not by Government.

With that said, we can get back to my buddy, Stephen Bloom. He thinks that journalism is about evoking conversation. He is a tenured Professor at the University of Iowa. Did I mention, that he teaches journalism?

I want to discuss certain assumptions that Professor Bloom has made and then make some of my own assumptions. Of course, I’m protected by Tenure because I’m my own boss.

JournalismTe is news reports presented factually without analysis. It’s clear that what he’s written has many examples of analysis and lacks documented and undocumented facts. Of course, he’s changed what is the true definition of  journalism in the same way that many professors and elitists change the meaning of many words that don’t fit their needs or wants.

Tenure is what protects Professors to say critical ideas based on truths, not fictitious portrayals of their imagination. Unfortunately, what tenure was originally designed to do was not properly written into laws and contracts that protect Professor Bloom allowing him to distort  truth's and spout factually inaccurate propaganda.

This gives him the right to spout fiction while calling it journalism which he says evokes conversation and that’s his job as a journalist. Last I knew, he was a professor that teaches students to become journalist.

I suppose he thinks that it’s not a lie if he somewhat vaguely remembers what really happened making it OK to cite it as fact because he is after all a much smarter person than the intended audience, and it’s about evoking conversation anyway, again, what is job is as a journalist.

Professor Bloom, I think you’re a better fiction writer than a journalist. You’re confusing students, leaving them as failures who are unable to find jobs and end up on Wall Street protesting. Gee, you helped me to better understand why this is happening!

I know the last paragraph contained what Professor Bloom would call journalism, but I don’t actually have facts to back that up, it’s my opinion and sarcasm coming out. Still, I find it very ironic that my blog, which is opinion has more proven facts than Professor Bloom’s so called journalistic essay written for “The Atlantic.”

Professor Stephen Bloom now is Visiting Professor of Journalism at University of Michigan. Aren't they so lucky to have him.