I’ve been in Las Vegas for the last week attending Affiliate Summit West 2011 and have had a very enlightening experience. I’ve gotten more out of this convention than any other I’ve been to, but it hasn’t been because all the wild parties and crazy people.

This event has been eye opening because I’ve been able to see people at all different levels that are creating businesses where some produce and some offer no value at all. I’ve seen leaders at this event and amazingly quite a few followers that are self-employed, but still have not figured out how to be an entrepreneur.

I’ve met some big names in the industry and spent time with them, discovering that many of them are not anything like what I thought they were. Some of them are more interesting and others are disappointing.

I’ve learned that I’m showing up at parties to be seen and then leaving fairly quickly, as parties really aren’t my thing. I would rather go someplace nice and have a conversation with a few people than party with a bunch of people in a large room.

The greatest benefit from this event is self-analysis, and I’m confident the time and money invested in this event will quickly pay off. I’ve discovered some huge mistakes, personal flaws and taken a few big steps towards the right direction I need to be headed in.

This event will leave me breaking from following what others are doing specifically and charting my own path to build a better organization that I can be proud of. I won’t be part of the status quo doing things because you can get away with it, rather I’m focused on putting together and organization I can share with others.

Now it’s time to get on my plane and head back home….