What are you waiting for? You want to learn how to make money online right? The best way is to start doing it. Don't worry about failing, your guaranteed to fail before you find success, so you might as well get it over with right now. The sooner you fail, the quicker you get to success.

Until you know how to do something so well that you can't miss, your going to suffer failures. It's best to fail today and succeed tomorrow instead of waiting for tomorrow to try. Remember, chances are your going to fail at least a couple of times as you learn how to succeed.

Entrepreneurs are often labeled as people who go ready, fire, aim. That's often because we need to figure out what it is that we are aiming at. When you start shooting you figure out how to adjust and to become more accurate. as you become more experienced, you discover that you're able to pick up your guns and shoot at the right spot.

Take Tiger Woods for example, what if his dad had waited to teach him how to golf until he was sixteen years old. Do you think you would have ever heard of him had that happened? Tiger practiced to be a great golfer from day one and because he had already perfected the aim, was able to rise to the top.

He made all his lousy shots early on in his life, so when he got to be playing age with the pro's he had practiced so much that he appeared to be a natural talent.

That's where momentum comes in. Entrepreneurs who become really good at what they do and then stop lose their momentum and often lose their success.

Again, take Tiger Woods for example, he gets messed up in his divorce and affairs, loses his momentum and appears to have lost his special ability. His mind, his body and his momentum have been destroyed. He essentially is lacking the confidence and determination that he once had. He can get it back, but it takes more than practice, he has to believe in himself and I'm not sure that he's got it in him.

Tiger like many Entrepreneurs who lose their momentum need to go back and focus on all the matters. It's the inner belief that we can be successful, that we are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful and we need to get going today, not tomorrow because their is never a better time than right now. It's time to fail so we can succeed tomorrow!